Community/Mental Health Resources

We know that the challenges of COVID 19, frigid temperatures and the resulting isolation can place
challenges on families. We would like to provide support, assistance and valuable resources to our Berryhill family.
Please feel free to contact any of our school counseling staff with any of your needs and concerns.

Maresha Walker-Elementary:
Reanna Abarca-Counselor:
Donna West- Middle School:
Linda Lemmons- High School:

Resources at Berryhill Public Schools:
CREOKS Behavioral and Health Services:  Onsite counseling services
during school hours. Contact your site counselor to begin the
referral process.

Eastern Oklahoma Food Bank services -
Backpack program for grades PreK through 6th
Food pantry for grades 7th-12th

Emergency Adolescent Mental Health Service-
CALM Center - Tulsa, OK - 24/7 assessment and admission for children ages 14-17 in crisis.
Up to 7 days of in treatment care. All levels of care available. Services include acute or
residential overflow, step-down, crisis intervention, drug and alcohol detox, and referrals for
after care. Call (918) 492-CALM any time of day or night.




Suicide Warning Signs
Seek help as soon as possible by contacting a mental health professional or by call ing
the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK if you or someone you
know exhibits any of the following signs:


Text OKS Threat to 226787 - Safety Concerns of Oklahoma Schools/Events

Are you or someone you love at risk of suicide? Get the facts and take appropriate action.
Printed: September 2005 • CMHS-SVP-0126