Staff Directory

Fox, James - Principal
Hailey, Brian - Asst Principal, Athletics Head Baseball
Chronister, Keith - Athletic Director
Lemmons, Linda - Counselor  
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Bradford, Rachel - Registrar/Attendance Clerk
Williams, Tonya- Secretary

Bales, Rachel - 10th Grade English, 11th Pre-AP English & MS Drama
Barrington, Christina - Senior English 
Bivins, Craig - Economics, Online, Athletics (Asst. Football)

Bruce, Kelly - Library Aide
Clifton, Michael - In-house
Cruice, Todd - Government, US History, World History & NHS
Davis, Robin - Algebra II, Leadership
Davis, Ron - Athletics, US History, Boys Weight Lifting
Eakle, Matt - Athletics, Physical Science
Gold, Sean - Band, Jazz Band, MS Band, MS Music
Goldesberry, Darci - Special Education
Harper, Pat - Athletics Head Football
Herriman, Sam - Athletics Head Wrestling
Hill, Jamie - Head HS Girls Basketball & Spanish
Howard, Amanda - 9th Grade Special Education
Howell, Bryan - Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry
Isaac, Kate - Academic Team, NJHS & Algebra I
Jackson, Suzanne - Chemistry, Physiology, Env Science
Jimison, Sheila - Special Education
Jones, Alex - Band Director, Jazz Band, Music Appreciation
Jones, Mike - Computer Tech I & STEM Club
Keifer, Jeremy - Biology, Athletics
Limes, Danny - Head HS Boys Basketball, On-line & Psychology
Miller, David - Art I, Art II, Art III, Athletics (Asst. Softball)
Miner, James - Fast/Slow Pitch Softball, Health/Safety & PE, Girls Weight Lifting
Ogle, Tracy - Fund of Tech II, Graphics, Multi-Media, Web Design
Paris, Carrie - FACS, Fashion/Apparel Design, Cullinary Basics
Smith, James - Athletics, OK History, Government
Tucker, Errin - 9th English, Speech & Debate, Drama
Walker, Tanna - Algebra III/College Alg, Algebra II, Adv Alg II, Trig, Adv Trig/PreCalc, Yearbook
Warrior,JohnEnglish III, AP English III, ACT Prep English
Wyse, ClaytonOK History, Government, Head Track & Cross-Country. Asst. Wrestling

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